Cities on Volcanoes 2012, MexicoABOUT THE PROJECT

GVM (Global Volcano Model) is an international network collaboration that aims to create a sustainable source of information and advice to manage volcanic hazard and risk.


Part of my role as Project Administrator was to showcase the work appropriately on-line and this involved designing and creating the project web site. I travelled with project researchers to various field trips and conferences across Latin America and the UK to capture the research work undertaken by the academic staff. I also filmed interviews with the academic staff and postgrad students. I also created videos for the BHP Billiton Project.

I edited the video to create a number of short films to showcase the research work undertaken.

VUELCO Project Video Olot, SpainGVM Project Video UndergradsGVM Project Video, PhDs

GVM Project Video  Postdocs GVM Project Video, Smithsonian GVM Project Video Steve Sparks


".... Clare Williams has done a magnificent job with the design and development of the website ...."
Professor Steve Sparks, University of Bristol

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