About Me

Freelance Web Design

I studied web design at City of Bristol College in 2002 and began to work freelance as a web designer alongside my part-time role at the University of Bristol.  I design and build web sites in WordPress from scratch according to a client’s requirements.  I can advise on all aspects of a project and if required can take photos or video footage to add interesting content.

Whilst at the University, I worked in a number of Faculties from 2003 to 2015 including the Bristol Dental Hospital, the Faculty of Arts, Computer Science and Earth Sciences, managing and maintaining web sites as well as making short films.

From 2011-2015 I managed two multi-million pound scientific research project web sites, both were studying volcanic unrest.  I was responsible for producing short films to showcase the work of each project.  This involved planning, shooting, editing and all production work to finally uploading the films to YouTube.  There are 20 short films to showcase the work of the project in Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, Italy and Dominica.    For further information see the GVM and VUELCO pages.