What I Do

What I Do

Key Skills

key skills | WordPress and more

Responsive Design for Web, Mobile and Tablet, Wireframing,
Frontend Development, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Github
Photoshop, Premiere Elements, WordPress & Dreamweaver
Knowledge of:
PHP (Sample of my GoSkills Course work)
Working knowledge of Facebook and Twitter

Web Design

mobile-friendly designs for Web sites

I’m proficient in hand-coding HTML and CSS as well as the design principles of putting a Web site together. I now offer fully responsive, mobile-friendly designs. I have expertise in Photoshop and can prepare photos, design logos and graphics.
I use open source WordPress theme, BlankSlate, as the basis for developing and designing custom WordPress themes to create something unique for each client. I can advise about domain names and hosting, responsive styling, e-commerce and how you can manage the Web site yourself with an easy to use WordPress content management system.

Web Development

PHP development

I’m not a backend developer, though I have a basic understanding of PHP and JavaScript from experience over the years as well as from a number of GoSkills courses I’ve taken on the subject.
Since the internet is constantly changing I like to keep up to date with new developments and apply the things learned.
I can do all the tech stuff for you!