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What I Do

What I Do

I help people get their business online.

I specialise in creating responsive custom-built websites.  Getting a professionally designed website will help define your brand and attract customers by driving Google traffic to the site.  In the first instance, I offer a free and informal chat to see what you need and so you can find out what I offer.   If you need guidance on branding, marketing, styling and content, I can help.

Your website design is based on the outcome of mutual ideas and discussions. I use WordPress as the content management system.  This means you can manage the website easily if you choose to.  My websites are individually styled and you’ll be able to follow progress during development with discussions along the way to ensure it’s developing as you expect.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more or start your next project.

Responsive Design

responsive websites to market your business

My websites are responsive and mobile-friendly, so they work across all screen sizes from smartphones to desktops.
Websites are prepared with my knowledge of writing for the web, awareness of legal issues and understanding of W3C standards of usability and accessibility.  I build them to be standards’ compliant with user-friendliness in mind.

Front-end Development

individually styled responsive websites

During development I take responsibility for testing, bug fixing and troubleshooting.  I use Photoshop for preparation of photos and graphics and Premiere Elements to edit video.
I have strong hand-coding skills in CSS & HTML, as well as a basic understanding of PHP and JavaScript.

SEO Optimisation

A website needs to appeal to both humans and computers.  I prepare content with search engines as well as your clients in mind, with careful use of key words and phrases.
This means editing images to maximise their impact, keeping code clean to ensure fast loading pages.  All these factors influence a website’s chances of a favourable position with Google.

After Launch

Search engines, such as Google look for websites with interesting and informative content.  Google values new content and this shows in the ranking.
I’m happy to manage maintenance on your behalf, either for one off edits or regular updates if you don’t want to bother with the technical challenge!
A brief step by step video tutorial may be helpful, for example how to add links and images, as well as how to edit text. Available on request.

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