About me, Freelance Web Designer, Clare Williams, Almondsbury, Bristol
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About Me

About Me

My interests & background

I’m a freelance web designer with over ten years’ experience specialising in creating unique websites from scratch to launch.

I studied web design at City of Bristol College, College Green in 2002 and then got a job at the University of Bristol.   I started taking on some freelance web design projects and that’s how my business developed.  I’m now an approved supplier to the University of Bristol.


freelance web designer, Clare Williams

I’m a keen amateur photographer. My favourite photography subjects are food, cats, wildlife as well as beautiful scenery.

Have a look at my Shutterstock photography collection.

Google & Shutterstock

I work freelance to help clients get their business online

Contributed photos help Google improve its world map service, I’m a Level 6 Google maps contributor – Local Google Guide.

Video Production

video production

Some of my newsworthy videos have sold to ITN and Reuters

Professional Development

freelance working and learning new skills

It’s important to me to keep up with new technology and developments. I have taken courses in PHP and Javascript as well as Ruby on Rails, in which I built an app. I’m not a programmer, but have enough knowledge of programming to be useful when developing a WordPress website.

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