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Video Production

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Portishead Summer Show

Portishead Summer Show

Dominica Short Course: VUELCO 2015

VUELCO  | Dominica 2015

Poppy's Home Care Limited

Poppy’s Home Care Limited

Olot with VUELCO project

VUELCO | Olot 2015

VUELCO: Mexico simulated evacuation exercise 2012

VUELCO | Mexico 2012

VUELCO Ecuador Short Course

VUELCO | Ecuador 2014

VUELCO Unreset exercise

VUELCO | Rome, Italy 2014


VUELCO | Barcelona 2014

Civil Defence, Italy, Stefano Ciolli

Dr Stefano Ciolli, DPC, Italy
on VUELCO Mexico 2012

Gill Jolly, New Zealand

Dr Gill Jolly, GNS Science,
New Zealand, in Mexico 2012

Chile, VUELCO project

Prof Sparks & Dr Cooper |
BHP Billiton Project

University of Bristol undergrads

4th Year Undergraduate Geology
MSci Students, Bristol

Professor J Neuberg

Prof Jurgen Neuberg, Leeds
VUELCO  Mexico 2012

University of Bristol postdocs

Postdoctoral researchers
University of Bristol | BHP

University of Bristol phd

PhD Students | BHP Project

Professor Steve Sparks

Prof Steve Sparks | VUELCO,
Mexico 2012

University of Bristol, Ryerson Christie

Dr Ryerson Christie | VUELCO
Mexico 2012

Liz Cottrell of the Smithsonian Institution

Dr Liz Cottrell, Smithsonian
Institution, GVP and GVM

Professor Steve Sparks

Prof Steve Sparks on GVM

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